The Little House

Since 1978, The Little House has brought Seattle, Tacoma and Vashon residents an eclectic, diverse merchandise mix designed to delight and inspire. The 1,300-square-foot gift shop is located in Vashon's downtown business district and features five separate rooms. From jawbreakers to Limoges, personal spa to epicurean offerings, visit the shop at 17636 100th Avenue SW, Vashon, or phone (206) 463-9033

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Must attend holiday events!

Mark your calendar, friends: Dec. 12 at 9 a.m. is a breakfast with St. Nicholas at Sound Food! And then...the following weekend....
Dec. 19 from noon to 4 p.m. Diane Fox shows at The Little House! Diane Fox is a jewelry designer, 3rd generation artist and long time resident of Vashon Island. Her background in interior design and drafting, plus a life long interest in gemology have enabled her to create unique one of a kind necklaces and earrings. She uses a variety of semi-precious stones and metals offering a beautiful array of color and texture that compliments many different styles and fashion tastes. You won't want to stop touching 'em!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Letters to Santa via Vashon

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? The time is NOW to send your letter to Santa! Drop your letter in Santa's North Pole mailbox at The Little House, make sure to include a return address, and an elf will personally reply on Santa's behalf (they'll cross-check his list, too!).

That's 17636 100th Ave SW in case you're new to the Island! Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a time to share, a time to care

Click for a close up! We want your holiday cheer in a poem. Share the magic, put it in a comment below with your holiday poem and the winner shall be exclusively rewarded. You can also email it to: belittlehouse -at- comcast -dot- net if you're feeling a little shy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Events: You want 'em, we have 'em!

The Little House is nestled in for the tricks and the treats, with events that are thrilling as the weather's chilling. Fall is our time for fun! Mark your calendar for all this goodness:

Oct. 16 and 17 -Potluck Paris Trunk Show
Friday 3-6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m., it's a trunk full of glorious finds from Potluck Paris. Be glamorous and adorn yourself in chunky bangles, or dainty chains, bold earrings and looks that are literally carried in through customs from Europe on the backs of the company owners...all chosen with love from French artisans. Saturday, Oct. 17, sport your purchases at Vashonistas runway show at O in the evening. Magnifique!

Oct. 27- Customer Appreciation, 6 p.m.
The cash register is locked and off and the store is closed...except for YOU, our valued friends!
Join us for sips, dips, prizes and fun during this low key, face-to-face affair. We want to see you,hear from you and just celebrate before the holidays sweep us away (and we don't have to tell you what THAT is like). Give us a shout at 206-463-9033 for questions or details.

Oct. 31 - Halloween
Ya think? Of course! We have the candy everyone wants for your own haunted houses so get a jumpstart, but if you don't stop by in your costumes on the big night, you'll find a very witchy woman on your case. We're not namin' names!

Nov. 6- Julie Charles during First Friday
We're not going to spill it all just yet, but let's just say that monogrammed towels are SO 1981! May we introduce you to the world of personally stamped silver cuffs and bangles? Julie Charles can make it happen with her unique pieces and stamping technique. Before you know it, you have the most personal piece of jewelry one can bestow! During First Friday meet the woman whose found objects turn into works of art: mosaic eight balls, beaded birth control pill cases, wire people jewelry...getting the idea? More to come on Julie soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

JAK Designs - the call of fall

Scrumptious. When we saw them, we had to have them. Jennifer Armstrong's luscious knit scarves and gauntlets (arm warmers are all the rage this fall!) bridge innovative design with green practices. These Merino wool beauties (with a tad of polyamide where stretch is involved) come in rich reds, ambers and earthy neutrals, they're made by hand in the USA, and we have them right this very minute! Jen is pictured in her Ohio-based studio here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Why Anne Gordon rocks

This was the first generation Little House postcard Anne produced for us. This island artist has put her signature on several local businesses with these cards, and they're all fabulous.

Love it? Call the store. We'll mail you one!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fairy Day at The Little House

It was a very special day at The Little House yesterday, where imaginations flourished and manifested into darling, magical little fairy houses made of found objects. A few seashells here, pipecleaners for fairy bodies, flowers as lanterns, driftwood and bark as enclosures, moss for a fairy bed, this-n-that and string for hair, children lingered over random supplies until each creation was complete to their satisfaction. They are neslted within The Little House garden and worth a visit.